8 Days of Growth and Fun: My Internship Experience at HYC

Date: 8 November 2023 to 15 November 2023

Hello! My name is Clarisse. I, along with my fellow schoolmates, are Secondary 3 student interns that experienced working at Tzu Chi HYC for a week, as part of our school’s ‘World Of Work’ programme. Working here, I had a lot of fun, and I also had many opportunities to grow as a person. I learned how to be more independent, but also be a team player and learnt how to be more responsible with my daily tasks. As we were allocated as the programmes and operations team, there were many events and things we needed to do and plan. For example, on our first few days, we needed to each make either a poster or coupon for the ‘HYC Turns 4’ event that was nearing the date. I for one did a movie poster to spread the word to members of the public that we HYC will be having a movie screening during the event and that more people should sign up for it. Thus, after making the poster, it was posted on Instagram so that it would reach a wider audience.  My friends had to design a voucher for the food truck that was at the event. Things like this needed our creativity and teamwork for it to happen. We had to allocate a task to everyone, and if anyone needed help we could just voice it out and others would be able to help.

Here’s a brief summary of the things that happened throughout the 8 days that I worked here;

Our working hours were from 0900 to 1730.

Everyday, we were tasked to come up with content ideas to post on their Instagram stories. Each of us would come up with an instagram story idea and then we would send it to the HYC team, which will then be posted on their story.

Day 1 (8/11/23, Wednesday)


When we first arrived at the office, we started the day with a tour by one of the staff members. We toured around the facilities there. She told us about the exhibitions there, the different event rooms they have there, and even the cafe and restaurant that they had there.


At around 11am, one of the volunteers gave us a tour of the ‘Glow On Gallery’. The exhibition showcased many sustainability projects and ways on how to give back to the community. There were exhibitions with how we can let our actions shine, how much carbon dioxide is emitted with every type of food (fish, beef, egg, chicken), and even a story of how Tzu Chi was founded.



In the afternoon, we managed to get the chance to join in on a weekly programme where primary school kids come to Tzu Chi to engage in some activities, titled ‘Kidz Hideout’ We participated in playing dodgeball and playing board games with them.

Day 2 (9/11/23, Thursday)

On day 2, we did a run through of the HYC challenge that would be done on the ‘HYC Turns 4’ event on 12/11/23, Sunday.

They tasked us to think of some ways they could improve the challenge, this was what we did:

Day 3 (10/11/23, Friday)


In the afternoon, we went to observe how other people installed an informative glass panel as part of what they have to do in the operations team.

Day 4 (11/11/23, Saturday) ONE DAY BEFORE ‘HYC TURNS 4’

We mostly helped to set up the equipment for the event. This helped me to understand the importance of teamwork and realise the amount of hard work put behind the event.

Day 5 (12/11/23, Sunday) D-DAY OF ‘HYC TURNS 4’ EVENT

The 6 of us were split in pairs and given different tasks to do. 2 of us had to follow the participants of the challenge around to give out clues, 2 of us had to go around taking pictures for content, and the last 2 were stationed at the ‘Muruku’ booth to give out free snacks.


After the event, we had to keep all the equipment back from where they originally were. It was definitely not easy, I found myself breathless after moving a couple of chairs. I realised how much hard work physically and mentally is put into carrying out and planning events. I really respect the staff of HYC as holding events are not easy!

Day 6 (13/11/23, Monday)

There was an event held that day, which needed our help to set up the venue by pushing tables and chairs together (and big potted plants) and even helping to cut fruits up as snacks for the event.

Day 7 (14/11/23, Tuesday)

Day 7 was quite chill, we just followed the team in meetings and at the end of the day, we joined in on their pilates class! It was definitely a new experience for us as none of us had tried pilates before, let alone hanging upside down! I loved the whole experience and it definitely made me feel calmer after doing so.

Day 8 (15/11/23, Wednesday) LAST DAY 🙁

On the last day, we said our goodbyes to everyone, including the kids from the ‘Kidz Hideout’ programme. I feel like we definitely bonded alot throughout this programme, especially the last day, I just felt like I bonded more with my teammates and I felt more comfortable with the staff. 

We gave a little card to the staff of HYC as a way of showing our gratitude towards them for their warmth and patience in guiding us through the 8 days of internship. Once again, thank you Tzu Chi HYC, it has been great working with you 🙂

This blog is by a student from Naval Base Secondary School in collaboration with the Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre for the World of Work Programme, which enables students to shadow professionals and acquire practical work experience.

Writer: Clarisse