A place full of hope – Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre

Signage is up at the newest wall mural!

As someone who was unaware of the volunteering opportunities around us, I was genuinely surprised when I first learned about Tzu Chi’s culture and its history of working together with families of different backgrounds, emphasising sustainable living. Before visiting Tzu Chi, I initially thought it was a relaxing and calm place created for the public to hang out with their friends and family. However, upon entering Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre (HYC), I realised that it was not just a place for people to spend time with their loved ones; it was also a place full of hope for the environment and culture. HYC has not only taught me to be a more patient person but has also allowed me to understand the true meaning of teamwork and friendship.

Throughout these 8 days working at HYC, from helping to set up and clear up after the events, creating content, to even assisting during the events themselves, I have formed stronger bonds with some of my friends whom I rarely talked to at school. It has also created fun, fulfilling memories that I will never forget. :))

This blog is by a student from Naval Base Secondary School in collaboration with the Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre for the World of Work Programme, which enables students to shadow professionals and acquire practical work experience.

Writer: Koh Jia Shin