A Week in the Glow of Compassion: My Experience Shadowing Tzu Chi HYC


Stepping into the world of Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre felt like crossing a threshold into a realm of compassion and connection. The journey began with an insightful tour of the organization’s building and facilities, setting the stage for an immersive experience that would unfold over the coming days.


Touring the Facilities:

As we navigated through the HYC building, the air buzzed with purpose. The tour provided a firsthand look at the infrastructure supporting their noble cause. The well-designed spaces reflected efficiency and dedication, laying the groundwork for impactful initiatives. For example the glow on gallery which gave us insight into the environmental dangers we have now, and how it may impact us in the future. I think this gallery really showed us the reality of our actions and how even though they are small, they have a large impact on our world.

The Glow On Gallery:

A highlight of day 1 was the tour of the new exhibit, the “Glow On Gallery.” It was a visual feast, a testament to the creativity and innovation at the heart of Tzu Chi HYC. The exhibit not only showcased the environmental impact us humans have but also served as a reminder of the positive change they bring to the community.

Team Dynamics:

What struck me was the palpable sense of camaraderie and authenticity among the team members. The working environment at Tzu Chi HYC isn’t just about tasks and responsibilities; it’s a space where individuals can be themselves. Witnessing how the team connected on a profound level was inspiring and fostered a sense of belonging.

Kidz Hideout:

Participating in the weekly “Kidz Hideout” activity was a poignant eye-opener. Engaging with the children firsthand allowed me to see the impact Tzu Chi HYC has on the lives of these young souls. It was a stark reminder of the unseen struggles in our society, prompting a shift in perspective and a deeper understanding of the organization’s mission.

Content Creation for HYC Instagram:

Our involvement in creating content for HYC’s Instagram account was a hands-on experience that strengthened our bonds as a team. Working together to capture the essence of their work forced us to tap into our creativity collectively. It was a testament to how collaboration can be both productive and enjoyable.

Team Meals and Bonds:

Sharing breakfast and lunch with the team reinforced the sense of unity. The close-knit relationships among the staff created a positive and enjoyable work environment. It was evident that they not only worked well together but also knew how to have fun, fostering a balance that is often elusive in professional settings.

HYC Turns 4 Event:

Contributing to the setup and facilitation of the HYC Turns 4 event was a surprising honor. Our ideas were embraced, showcasing the organization’s trust in its members, regardless of experience. The sense of pride and gratitude that followed affirmed our desire to be part of this incredible team.

Closing Days and Reflections:

As our time at Tzu Chi HYC drew to a close, we participated in activities like Pilates, a humorous yet insightful experience that brought laughter and a sense of community. The week proved to be a valuable glimpse into a work environment that goes beyond the ordinary, leaving us eager to return, whether as volunteers or potential staff members.


The journey with Tzu Chi HYC was more than just a shadowing experience; it was a transformative immersion into a world of compassion, teamwork, and the profound impact an organization can have on both its team members and the community it serves. Grateful for the chance to be part of this incredible endeavor, I left with a newfound appreciation for the work of Tzu Chi HYC and a desire to contribute to their noble cause in any way possible.

This blog is by a student from Naval Base Secondary School in collaboration with the Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre for the World of Work Programme, which enables students to shadow professionals and acquire practical work experience.

Writer: Vernise Yeo Si Hui