Humanistic Youth Centre

Connect, Serve and Grow with Us!

Calling for all youths with a passion to learn and serve! At the Humanistic Youth Centre (HYC), you can meet and connect with people like yourself to make a difference to your life and the lives of others.

As a community-based, non-profit startup, the HYC is designed to be an ideal hangout place for young people. It sees the collaboration between the Tzu-Chi Foundation (Singapore) and various like-minded partners, who share our common goal of providing a platform for youths to learn, grow, and serve our society.


To inspire and empower young generations to create positive social impact locally and internationally


To be a platform where young people realise wholesome values, get connected with one another and the society, and contribute towards a sustainable community

Core Values

Gratitude, Respect, Commitment, Courage, and Resilience

The founder of Tzu Chi, Dharma Master Cheng Yen, believes that every human being has inherent goodness and purity and that this is human beings’ true nature. The noble and good qualities of this true nature are represented by the Chinese term, “ren wen” (人文), which the master describes as the core value of Tzu Chi’s humanistic culture. With this philosophy in mind, the HYC features a comprehensive range of facilities and activities that serve to nurture and shape young minds to work for the good of our society and the world.

Through partnerships with various organisations that are established in their respective specialisations, we seek to actively engage youths in holistic programmes and activities in the areas of youth wellness, environmental awareness, digital technology, arts & culture, and volunteerism.

As part of the HYC, you can:

  • explore and unleash your potential in arts and culture through activities, such as craft workshops, upcycle arts, music jamming, etc.;
  • nurture a love for Nature and learn to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle through various environmental practices and activities;
  • participate in focus group discussions and volunteer activities, such as beach cleanups, visits to nursing homes, etc.;
  • enhance your physical, social and mental health by joining our workout programmes, mental health talks, counselling sessions, etc.

With the many indoor and outdoor activities as well as learning opportunities, you can develop and hone your talents and interests while engaging in unlimited exploration and discovery. Imbued with Tzu Chi’s spirit of Great Love and humanistic values, the HYC offers a respite from academic rigours and busy work life.

Facilities & Activities:

  • Plant-based cafe and artisan bakery
  • Wellness studio
  • Sustainable workshops
  • Bookstore café
  • Multi-purpose hall equipped with AV and lighting
  • Co-working space
  • Study area
  • Classrooms
  • Youth volunteer room
  • Counselling room
  • Office space/pantry/conference room
Come to the HYC to socialise, engage in meaningful activities, relax, and have fun today!