Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture are commonly perceived as recreational activities that people enjoy in their pastime. However, arts have a more profound effect on society than most people realise. Art can influence the society by instilling values and changing opinions through a variety of artistic expressions such as music, literature, movies, painting etc. Whereas culture is usually linked to tradition, which has the enduring qualities to withstand the test of time, it is also what strengthens our racial identity. In addition, art can also be used as a form of therapy to help people explore and express themselves. Art therapy not only helps to reduce stress and anxiety but can also enables individuals to discover their unconscious feelings, explore their identities, and subsequently regain self-esteem.

Since the inception of this centre, most of our activities and programmes align with this pillar. We emphasise on arts & culture as we hope to bring arts to the community and be a platform for young artists. With the many long term and short term arts collaborations such as exhibitions, craft workshops, upcycling arts and music jams, young artists can explore and unleash their talents and potentials in the arts. 

Apart from that, Community Arts is also the main focus of HYC. Community art is a form of art generated in a community setting where local community members gather to express concerns or issues through certain artistic expressions. In the past, we have organised both sponsored and non-sponsored participatory community arts projects and exhibitions including the “Stay Home Quilt” story exhibition, Sandstorm in An Hourglass, Cyborg Think, and more. We also support and organise other arts & cultural activities such as Chinese Ink painting workshop, Chinese Calligraphy, Wushu, Masks of Singapore and many more yet to come.