Glow On Gallery

Daily, 8am - 8pm

Situated next to The Great Hall, Glow On Gallery is specially curated to explore the theme “sustainability” in three aspects – environment, society, and economy, and to promote sustainable living as a way of life. Sustainable living is about making conscious choices in our daily life as our social and economic choices have an impact on the environment.

Glow On Gallery provide a direct experience of what it takes to practise sustainability and guide you to stop, look, and listen to your surroundings and within.

Admission is free.

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Circular Asia

Begin your environmental journey with Circular Asia, a catalyst to drive the circular economy to realise a sustainable future in Singapore and Asia. We provide collaborative platforms where youth stewardship education & development, corporate innovation & training, and community programmes are better positioned to achieve sustainability, and where value is optimised for our eco-systems.

In Circular Asia, every piece counts, everyone is interconnected and understands the impact and responsibility of their actions, and every possibility can be redesigned, unlocking enormous prospect and potential. At the Humanistic Youth Centre, we aim to create a social circle for the Yishun community and beyond to connect with one other, and to learn and grow together as a united collective in sustainability.

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