Bhumi Lifestyle

Relax and rejuvenate at Bhumi Lifestyle, a boutique lifestyle Pilates studio which promises comprehensive offerings for a true wellness experience.

Our programmes utilise an integrated method of strength and functionality training as well as innovative and fun techniques, while staying true to the heritage and principles of Joseph Pilates.

They are systematically put together to address common needs, such as slimming and shaping the body, injury rehabilitation, and reducing pain. This unique method of exercise helps you to create stronger linear muscles, improve your posture, flexibility, muscle control and endurance as well as enhance your sense of wellbeing.

The studio is a sanctuary carefully designed with practicality and functionality in mind to help you destress and allow you to immerse in good vibes.

With our relaxing lounge, aromatic scents, and top-notch equipment and facilities, you can be assured of a boutique retreat with a lovely and rejuvenating ambience.

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The Fitness Protocol

The Fitness Protocol is an indoor training group with an emphasis on healthy lifestyle. Our methods combine not only the functional fitness, resistance training and high-intensity interval training but also the importance of healthy eating.

This results in a wide range of workouts based on bodyweight, ropes, sandbags, racks and kettlebells to enhance metabolic conditioning and train your body to become a fat-burning machine.

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