Young Parenting

Becoming parents is a life-changing journey which is exciting but incredibly challenging as well. It is vital for parents to learn about the best approaches to bring up their children as the type of parenting style has a life-long effect on the young ones. No one is born knowing how to be a parent. Hence, caring for and nurturing a child is a steep learning process, especially for first-time parents. Along the way, help and support are very much needed by parents.

With young parenting being one of the pillars of our centre, it is our goal to eventually create more programmes and activities to make parenting a smoother and more rewarding journey. For now, this centre serves as a family place where parents bring their children to attend a variety of family-friendly activities.

Some of the past activities we have had include a sushi roll making culinary session at Jing Si Books & Café and storytelling sessions organised by Tzu Chi Singapore Teacher’s Association.