Youth Wellness

Youth wellness is one of Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre’s pillars. Wellness goes beyond the absence of illness – wellness is about a state of happiness and overall wellbeing. Here at Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre, we believe that everyone deserves happiness. We look at happiness and wellness from a holistic approach, taking into consideration the different facets of health – physical health, mental health, and spiritual health.

Physical health is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet, such as through exercises and eating healthy. Mental health is about resilience and the ability to cope with life’s challenges. Spiritual health is not necessarily about religion but also about finding meaning and purpose in life. Sustaining mental health can be done by two means, one is prevention and the other, intervention. Prevention works by creating awareness to individuals who are mentally stable as these individuals will not only care for their own mental state, they are also potential mental “first-aiders” who can help their peers in need. On the other hand, intervention is needed when an individual has already developed mental health issues and are in need of mental help such as counselling or other forms of therapy.

We pride ourselves on our workshops, talks, and conversations that guide youths about what wellness is, how to care for their physical, mental, and spiritual health, and how to achieve a state of wellness. In addition to programmes for the youth, we also have programmes that target parents, caregivers, educators, and the community at large. This is to allow the creation of an enriching environment for our youth to thrive and thus bring us a better tomorrow.

Games Night

Every two months, join us for an evening of self-exploration through fun and games. At Games Night, you will make new friends and learn about your own strengths and how to build upon them. Games Night is family-friendly and open for ages 9 and above, so bring your friends and family with you!

Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk sessions can be talks, workshops, or conversations about wellness. These free sessions target different populations, from youth to parents to educators. Let’s Talk sessions can be held by anyone – including you! If you would like to host your own Let’s Talk session, let us know!

Mental Health for YOUth

Mental health awareness events are held in conjunction with important dates such as World Suicide Awareness Day and World Mental Health Day. Many youths have faced unique challenges and have taken the road less travelled to be where they are today. Listen to their stories and be inspired by their courage and resilience during our Brown Bag sessions that feature extraordinary youth.


Aware of how the pandemic has taken toll on the mental health of the community, Tzu Chi signed an MOU with Silver Ribbon in early 2021 to provide free counselling services to the public. Free counselling sessions are available by appointment only.