We are now living in an era where extreme weather patterns have become more rampant due to climate change. Before things become irreversible, eco-awareness is incredibly crucial as it will determine the survival of mankind and the rest of the species on earth. Everyone needs to commit to being part of the solution to find ways to reduce our environmental impact and switch to a more sustainable lifestyle.

The well-being of the world should be everyone’s responsibility. We can start by disciplining ourselves, controlling our unnecessary desires, and encouraging everyone to, with our own two hands, protect the Earth as much as we can from further damage. We should take even the smallest opportunity to do a good deed. When all of those small acts accumulate, the result will be a wave of kindness rippling across the world.

Here in HYC, our eco-direction align with that of Tzu Chi Foundation which adheres to the two guiding values:
1) Co-Existing with our Mother Earth (和地球共生息) &
2) Sustainability at Source x Sustainable Lifestyle (清净在源头). 

It is our goal to raise eco-awareness and advocate change in every individual to take care of the environment by adopting a sustainable lifestyle and a meatless diet. To promote the two eco-awareness concepts, we do it through hosting and co-organising various long term and short term programmes and activities.

Urban Farming

COVID-19 has highlighted to us the vulnerability of Singapore’s food supply. To play our role in raising awareness about food security issues and do our part toward Singapore’s 30/30 vision, we started our Urban Farming Project called “Everyone Can Become an Urban Farmer”. Through this project, we provide guidance to help people start planting edible greens at home through the following four steps:

The first step is to share more knowledge about urban farming through holding workshops and talks from different experienced urban farmers. Next, we create hands-on opportunities at our community farm to allow the community get their hands dirty and move closer to nature, thus inspiring them to start their own planting journey at home. Thirdly, we reintroduce eco-awareness through various activities related to urban farming. Lastly, we hope to start a pay-it-forward movement by using the community’s excessive harvest to help people. This project also aims to promote:

1) Food appreciation: Having more understanding and knowledge of the process in which our food is grown and produced prompts us to think twice before throwing them away.

2) Farm to table concepts: In Singapore, most of our food are imported and that incurs a huge amount of carbon footprints due to long distance transportation and a lot of food are either damaged or spoiled during the transportation process. Hence, with the farm to table concept, we can reduce carbon footprints and enjoy tree ripen food.

3) Meatless diet: Adopting a plant-based diet is scientifically proven to be effective in reducing environmental pollution.

Zero • Market

A weekend market initiated in May 2021 to be a one stop for anyone who is switching to a sustainable lifestyle. Our partners for the market are supplying goods that include fresh produce, sustainable household items, handmade/upcycled items, and meatless snacks. Why the name “Zero Market”? This is because our aim is to achieve the status of a Zero Meat, Zero Plastic, Zero Waste market. Over here, everything sold are plant-based and we also try to reduce disposable plastic packaging at this market. Hence, we encourage our patrons to bring along their reusable containers and bags to carry their purchases from this market. Our ultimate goal is to gather a group of like-minded environmentalists to walk this journey with us towards being the cleanest market in Singapore. We hereby call out to young inventors and entrepreneurs to join this cause! 

Climate Emergency: YOUth Action Seminar

To provide more holistic and unique perspectives on environmental topics closer to the younger generation, Tzu Chi has been hosting a series of seminars and webinars by inviting different global and local stakeholders to share ideas and their practices in response to various climate emergency issues. The views from international and local speakers can better equip youths with more knowledge and broader perspectives, which can help them decide on what they can do as individuals. We hope to encourage more action-oriented transformation in the youth community to build a safer and sustainable future for all.

Tzu Chi Environmental Sustainability Day

We host one of Tzu Chi Singapore’s eco points in Singapore that hold the environmental sustainability day every third Sunday. Besides welcoming nearby residents to drop by for the recycling and sorting of recyclables, Tzu Chi Youth volunteers (Tzu Ching) also organise fringe activities to create awareness on the importance of practising sustainable habits for a more sustainable future