My internship journey with HYC
Visited IKEA to learn more about environmental design and food waste management. PHOTO: Mavis

I am Ouyang (AW ZI YING) from Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia. Currently, I am pursuing a degree in Child Development and Family Education at Tzu Chi University in Taiwan, with a specialization in family education and special education. I have a great interest in these fields and aim to gain a profound understanding to provide support and assistance to families and children with special needs. I strongly believe that family education plays a crucial role in children’s growth and development, and thus, I am dedicated to learning how to help parents create a positive, loving, and supportive environment while raising their children.

Visited IKEA to learn more about environmental design and food waste management. PHOTO: Mavis

Apart from academics, reading is also an essential part of my life. Reading continuously broadens my horizons, allows me to acquire various new knowledge, and helps me understand different cultures and perspectives. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoy spending time with children. Their innocence and naivety always bring me joy. I love playing games with them, listening to their stories, and being their friend and supporter. Currently, I am interning at Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre (HYC).


Attending the "Happiness and Fulfilment in Life" seminar together on the first day. PHOTO: Volunteer

Due to my passion for travel, I decided to come to Singapore to experience a unique form of learning. I hope that during this academic journey, I can meet like-minded friends and explore this field full of challenges and opportunities together. Additionally, I have been influenced by the Tzu Chi philosophy since I was young and have a deep understanding of its principles. In the past, I have participated in semester education to study the development and processes of different age groups, driven by my curiosity about young people. When I learned about HYC, I saw an opportunity to combine my interests in youth development and the Tzu Chi philosophy, which motivated me to choose to come to HYC.

Attending the "Happiness and Fulfilment in Life" seminar together on the first day. PHOTO: Volunteer


After spending some time together, I observed that the colleagues at HYC have a clear approach to their work. Despite having well-defined roles, everyone is always willing to help one another. The work environment offers flexibility in terms of working hours and encourages open communication, mutual support, and uplifting each other. In simple terms, the work mode is focused on diligent work when it’s time to work, and joyous camaraderie when it’s time to have fun together.

The Yishun Pond beside Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre. PHOTO: Ouyang

HYC is a place filled with love and care. It provides young people with a space for learning, communication, and personal growth. At this centre, young individuals actively engage in meaningful volunteer activities, participate in community service, and show concern for underprivileged groups. Moreover, they learn the importance of leading by example and influencing those around them positively.

The Yishun Pond beside Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre. PHOTO: Ouyang


During my internship, I didn’t have a specific main job, and my responsibilities were highly diverse, often presenting significant challenges. These tasks included event venue setup, designing proposals related to environmental conservation, and accompanying children at Kidz Hideout during their classes, among various other tasks. It was a truly multifaceted experience.

Additionally, I was involved in using games as an innovative approach to educate on environmental issues, providing a unique learning experience. Personally, the most significant change I underwent was embracing challenges with courage, being willing to accept them and continuously striving to improve myself, pushing the boundaries of my abilities. It is these challenges that allowed me, as an intern, to surpass myself, gradually grow, and make progress.


The thing that makes me the happiest and helps me quickly integrate with everyone is the team-building day at HYC, which happened to be my second day at the centre. I feel very lucky to have such an opportunity to get to know each other quickly. The environment at HYC is very comfortable, with a beautiful natural pond outside. I really love it. However, time passed quickly, and I was reluctant to leave. But one thing that brings me great joy is that I have found the work model I want to pursue for my future. This has motivated me to move forward actively and continue learning.

During the internship, establishing good learning habits and pursuing personal growth will have a significant impact on my future career development. This period is about honing my skills, gaining practical experience, and building a valuable network of contacts. It is also an important moment in taking a successful step towards my future career. I look forward to our future encounters.